SCARS THAT NEVER HEAL There is no greater suffering than carrying the weight of an untold offense.

Scars That Never Heal is an account of a woman who kept her abuse and attempted sexual assault a secret in fear of destroying her family. It is the story of Carol Carter, emotionally scarred by her mother’s behavior and a frequent nightmare of a childhood incident — hurt, tears and forgiveness creates the journey of this woman who desperately searches for a way to heal the wounds of her past.


Latoya McPherson was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut, and discovered her affinity for reading and writing as a young child. As McPherson grew to sympathize with sufferers of traumatic experiences, she was stirred to address the emotional wounds of hurting people. With an open heart and mind, and a pen in her hand, Latoya burst on to the literary scene in 2014 with her divine assignment, Scars That Never Heal.

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