“Scars that Never Heal” is an interesting read that deals with adversities and psychological hardships that plague our everyday lives. Issues such as child abuse, divorce and neglect are brought to the forefront to demonstrate that a righteous paradigm shift can take place. Latoya McPherson expresses throughout this book that she believes through Christ our past wounds, and anguishes can be healed. And it is these types of spiritual healings that allows us to move on with our lives and become a blessing in other peoples’ lives. But this can only transpire if we truly believe in Christ’s divinity and power.

McPherson comes to the conclusion that true peace and contentment can only be achieved through the power of right believing with the Holy Spirit guiding us. But, is that easier said than done?
McPherson argues that when you lack faith, and you no-longer believe in love; recidivism will be the most likely outcome. In other words you will revert back to your original reactionary responses that your trauma caused in the first place. But by taking the initiative to receive Christ’s love you open the door for a brighter future and ridding yourself of curses in your life. Not only does McPherson delve into the issue of ridding yourself of curses. She demonstrates how this spiritual religiosity will not only become possible, but inevitable if we give it all to Christ.

Some would call this “the name it and claim it gospel.” However, let’s keep in mind, while it is easy to receive the Gifts of the Spirit through Christ. Maintaining those gifts can be a daunting task if your faith is ebbing and isn’t even the size of a mustard seed. This kind of negative thinking is dangerous and can land you in a heap of trouble, leading you to hopelessness and despair. So, the best thing you can do for yourself is to embrace the theological virtue of Hope. This is the main theme that is propagated throughout the book.

Furthermore, the main case study in this book is an interview with a woman named Carol Carter. McPherson goes on an emotional and spiritual sojourner with her as she relives her childhood abuses stories, all the while using those emotional traumas to fuel her walk toward the righteousness of Christ. And it was these experiences that allowed her to be healed and become who God created her to be. Carol Carter proves that your greatest defeats can end up your greatest victories if you grasp the Four Cardinal Virtues: Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude. These virtues will assist you in nurturing the spirit. McPherson explores the undertones of these virtues through Carter’s life story.

Overall, Carter and McPherson narrate a gripping story of how to overcome adversity and strife from the past. It truly is a fascinating tale and you’ll be engrossed in it because McPherson is an exceptional writer and literary genius. You definitely will be seeing more of her in the near future.

Anyway, I don’t want to be a spoiler and reveal all the details of Carol Carter’s life story. So, you will have to read the book for the juicy tidbits.

I started reading out of curiosity, ended up being blessed by it!!!! A must read for everyone!!!!